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For this example we will be using CloudFlare as our CDN. It is fully free and you will get amazing exposure. If you’re not resizing the images and make the browser to rescale your image, then you will get the bad score for Server Scaled Images.

Quartz - Creative WooCommerce & WordPress Theme For this example we will be using CloudFlare as our CDN. It is fully free and you will get amazing exposure. If you’re not resizing the images and make the browser to rescale your image, then you will get the bad score for Server Scaled Images. Images can help break up long pieces of text and can help your articles be shared more frequently on social media services; however they also take up a lot of storage. While there are a lot of great themes on there, you also need to realize that developers sometimes just keep adding features to generate more sales. If you are just getting started and don’t have a fortune to spend, WordPress offers free themes. An ideal platform for blogging or running an online newspaper, WordPress is easy to get started with and simple to understand. Gone are the days of “push” marketing where big advertising campaigns were an effective way to get the word out about your products and services.

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Performance services such as GTMetrix will advise you of the exact response time of your server. Unfortunately, official sharing buttons from services such as Facebook and Twitter can increase loading times immensely due to the calls they make to external services. SEO are specialized techniques used to optimize your web site, to be Search engine friendly and increase your chances of placing well in searches. With effective SEO content on your website, half of your search engine rank optimization work is done. If you are a beginner in WordPress website, we recommend our web service for your legal firm. Before applying these techniques to your website, I encourage you to check the speed of your website using a free performance service such as GTMetrix, YSlow or Google PageSpeed Insights. It has offered some other outstanding features for an enhanced performance of the website. And when these factors are ignored (or not done very well), that’s when the business owner finds their new, quick and convenient website has become very underwhelming when bringing in new leads and sales.

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39 premium plugin but is well worth it if site speed important. Hence the Admin-ajax eats up the CPU resources and increases the server requests as well. There, select the server location from where you want to measure your site performance. Now after this whenever you want to sync Disqus comments with WordPress Database then just check above box and save settings. To ensure proper WordPress performance tuning, plugins, themes, media files, and even comments should be trashed if they’re unused or unwanted. This creates an unnecessary additional HTTP request, especially if you don’t want to even use them. One plugin I highly recommend you use is P3 Profiler. If you everything is loading from the CDN this creates one single connection. Additional, you will forever get 2 listings on the outcome page for a single page. This way you will get all the credit for back links generated and reap the rewards for strengthening the overall reputation of your domain in the search engines.

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This will greatly reduce page loading times. How to code a database, how to set navigation at best and which are essential modules or sections for the page are some of the major considerations of programmers. Modify the value of Set Expires Header because the default value is 365 days and you may change it to a month. Header helps you build an entirely different site from others. We review your entire site and hosting configuration and ensure it’s configured in a best practices fashion. If you are going for pure speed and still want to use Google fonts, the best combination in WordPress would be to use Open Sans and then a web safe font such as Arial. You use an optimized theme that doesn’t introduce much bloat on top of WordPress itself. Additional caching features include minification, caching of feeds, Gzipping, Content Delivery Network (CDN) support, and much more.

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The main author of the Canonicalized content. They are designed to cache the static content like text, images, media, CSS and JavaScript files of your website on different data centers around the world. Autoptimize is the tool that will come to help you to minify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files of your site. This plugin is compatible with autoptimize. A premium WordPress shopping cart plugin distinguishes itself from other forms of WordPress ecommerce shopping cart plugins and themes alike in a number of essential ways as in design, presentation, ease-of-use, and quality. 4. Just consider themes based on SEO optimization. Learn more about image optimization here. It offers bulk optimization of your image library, optimization on upload, and the option to resize images on upload. It replaces embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image. It’s a saturated color image so worth to test compression algorithm of ShortPixel. You might be put in a queue, according to how many people are currently utilizing the tool, but in my experience, it usually takes less than a minute regarding the test to start. But it is advisable to use less plugins as more the plugins you use, the more time website takes to load.